Business Process Management Videos

Sometimes a short video can encapsulate a concept so much more efficiently than a longer document. Here you will find a series of  short business process management videos covering topics like : Is your process documentation a mess?, How to make continuous process improvement continuous and many more. If there is a BPM concept that you would like to see covered in a short video, give me a shout and I will do my best to oblige.

process improvement handoffs

Process Improvement Handoffs

If you are trying to make improvements to your own processes, a good place to begin is with Hand-offs.

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Buyers Journey 4

Buyers Journey Part 4 – Misaligning the sales process and the buyer’s journey at closing

This video shows why many sales are lost by the misalignment of the sales process and the buyer’s journey at the close.

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Buyers Journey 3

Buyer’s Journey Part 3 – Smart Lead Generation

The first place a buyer goes to research solutions is online. This video explains how your sales process can help the buyer’s journey by providing general information on your website. Smart companies use this to generate leads.

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A Bell Curve Diagram Showing Number of customers on the Y-axis and degree on interest in product on X-axis

The Buyer’s Journey Part 2 – Why Cold Calling Is So Inefficient

Cold calling is a good example of the misalignment between the buyer’s journey and the sales process in a lot of companies. This short video explains why.

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Buyers Journey 1

Aligning the Sales Process to the Buyer’s Journey Part 1

A video, first of a series of four, about getting the alignment between the buyer’s journey and the sales process right to improve sales process efficiency

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Flexible process improvement

Business Process Improvement Flexibility

Take a look at the average email inbox and you will find many instances of work that has no exact precedent. Yet all of it will follow a process of some sort, even if we can only see it after it is complete.  We call the sequence of these kinds of tasks “an unstructured process”.  It turns out that this is typically the most creative and valuable work that we do. So, we need to find a way to do it efficiently.

We can make routine or structured processes more efficient by mapping them out. But with unstructured processes there can be no map.  So what can we do?

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Continuous process improvement

How To Make Continuous Process Improvement Continuous

Some organizations invest a lot of time and effort in process improvement initiatives. When they are successful, these efforts reap the rewards of lower cost, improved quality and increased employee engagement. In this case, they have achieved the happy state of continuous process improvement.

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featured process improvement people

Process Improvement – People

Process is about people as much as it is about procedure. At it’s core, defining process means spelling out what people are expected to do in their work.

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featured setting up process improvement

Planning Process Improvement Steps for Success

Less than half of all process improvement initiatives are successful. And when they fail not only is it a big waste of time, it also makes people wary and cynical about process in general.

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featured process improvement visibility

Process Improvement – Visibility

Every business leader knows that process is important to the success of their organization. Without efficient processes, we make mistakes, lose customers and incur avoidable costs.

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process mapping pitfalls

Process Mapping Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

Mapping is a crucial part of process improvement efforts. It looks easy but there are some pitfalls. In this video we look at a few process mapping pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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featured improve process cycle time

Improve Process Cycle Time

In process jargon when you are seeking ways to make things faster, you are looking to ‘improve process cycle time’. The cycle time for a process is the time it takes to run through one whole instance.

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