Business Process Management Videos

Sometimes a short video can encapsulate a concept so much more efficiently than a longer document. Here you will find a series of short business process management videos covering topics like "Is your process documentation a mess?", "How to make continuous process improvement continuous" and many more. If there is a BPM concept that you would like to see covered in a short video, give me a shout and I will do my best to oblige.

A video explaining the value and pitfalls of process mapping
So, you are looking to improve your process. Great! Process mapping will help you with that. Check our guide & watch the step-by-step video to get started.
Sketch of figure looking at piles of paper process maps scattered around floor of office
Organizations, large and small, need appropriate and up-to-date business process documentation. Without it, all sorts of problems crop up.
Video introducing concept of buyers journey part 4 of 4
This video, the last in the series is the crucial moment when a buyer approaches a vendor looking for details about a product and then getting bombarded with a heavy sales pitch at exactly the wrong moment.
Video introducing concept of buyers journey part 3 of 4
This video, third in the series of four, is about an often overlooked overlap in the buyer's journey and the sales process.
Video introducing the concept of a buyers journey part 2 of 4
Cold calling is a good example of the misalignment between the buyer's journey and the sales process in a lot of companies. This short video explains why.
Video the introducing concept of the buyers journey part 1 of 4
A video, first of a series of four, about getting the alignment between the buyer's journey and the sales process right to improve sales process efficiency.
Click to see video three of three about how successful that manage their processes differently
This video is the last in a series of three to look at what companies that are successful with process do differently from the rest of us. In this one, we will look at the requirement to build flexibility into process management.
Click to see a video about making process improvement sustainable in a company
Continuous Process Improvement depends on whether BPM is seen as a quick fix or an ongoing discipline
explainer style drawing summarizing video
This is the second video that looking at what those companies are doing that are successful with process improvement
Whiteboard video explaining why less than half of all process improvement initiatives are successful.
Planning process improvement will greatly increase your chances of success. Here are the steps to follow.
Sketch of stick figure on top of mountain with binoculars
Improving business process visibility is the first step to a more efficient workflow and a more effective team.
Simple whiteboard video with stick figures explaining the concept of cycle time at a beginner level.
The best way to improve process cycle time is to ask the right questions to pinpoint areas for improvement.
Whiteboard video with explaining the place of IT in business processes.
Business Process and IT - before spending a fortune on new IT consider if your business processes need improvement.
Simple whiteboard video with stick figures explaining the concept of process at a beginner level.
So, what is a business process? Every process has a start, an end and steps 'adding value' in between. This short video gives a concise and easily understood definition.