Unstructured Processes

Not all processes are cookie cutter. The technical term is "Unstructured Processes". How do you deal with them?

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The majority of 'knowledge work' is not done by rote. Standard business process management will not work with unstructured processes
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Classifying processes. Here we look at a type of process that is often most valuable - low frequency, low predictability processes.
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Change is notoriously stressful. So stressful, it can cause your brilliant improvement to fail. The key to success lies in finding ways to reassure those who are threatened most by the change. Here are some simple steps to take to achieve this.
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This video is the last in a series of three to look at what companies that are successful with process do differently from the rest of us. In this one, we will look at the requirement to build flexibility into process management.
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When considering a business process redesign it is necessary to identify and take unstructured business processes into consideration.
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Books on BPM are not hard to find. Finding unstructured process management books is a bit harder. Here are two.
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Jim Sinur, an influential business process thinker.
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Flexible Process Management - tailored business process solutions improve team communication, save time and facilitate prioritization.
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With the BPM industry beginning to recognize unstructured process, will we see any relevant software applications any time soon?
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Given the importance of managing unstructured processes, there is a surprising dearth of support tools like software applications to help us do so.
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Email is an ancient technology but it will probably be with us for longer yet. It's Ok for handling excepts to a process, but all too often it is the default workflow tool for a lot of businesses. That's far from ideal but the best we have got for now.
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Unstructured tasks lack clarity but the key to accountability is visibility. Measurement is one thing is accountability another.