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Frequently Asked Questions

I'd be happy to talk in person, but you might want to check out the FAQs below.

  • I am based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. And when I am actually there, my time zone is the same as New York, USA.

  • Most of my clients have been in North America. However, I also have done work in the EU.

  • Yes, I do work via GotoMeeting, etc. However, I find that without the body language, it is really slow unless I have made at least one visit to meet everybody involved.

  • It's just me. By deliberate choice I am a one-man-band consulting practice.

  • No. Sorry, I do not respond to RFPs. As explained above, I have a solo practice and so I don't have the time to do justice to RFPs.

  • Yes. I can run a training course for selected individuals onsite and then coach them through process projects. However, it has to be the right kind of person.

  • Depends on the complexity of your processes and what you want me to do. It could be a single day, as in the case of the One Day Process Assessment, or weeks spread over several months. Most engagements are about eight to ten days long with most of that time onsite with your team.

  • I am told my fees are neither the most expensive not the cheapest. A better question would be "how do I calculate the ROI on my investment in a process project. For that we need a conversation.

  • Yes. I can talk to your employees about process and give them a sense of the benefits and what to expect from a process project. I do not use a lot of techinical jargon and I keep it simple. Watch my videos on this site to get a sense of how I communicate process issues.