Sales Process

Buyers Journey 3

Buyer’s Journey Part 3 – Smart Lead Generation

An Overlooked Opportunity In The Buyer’s Journey In the last video, we started exploring where the sales process and the buyer’s journey don’t always align. The first place we looked was right at the beginning of the sales process. This is where over keen sales people sometimes approach a buyer who is not ready to […]

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A Bell Curve Diagram Showing Number of customers on the Y-axis and degree on interest in product on X-axis

The Buyer’s Journey Part 2 – Why Cold Calling Is So Inefficient

In the last video, I talked about the “buyer’s journey”, the buyer’s process for making an informed purchasing decision. And I talked about how the B2B sales process should, ideally, be in alignment with the buyer’s journey. Unfortunately, companies don’t always design their sales processes with that in mind. That means they are running inefficiently […]

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Buyers Journey 1

Aligning the Sales Process to the Buyer’s Journey Part 1

Aligning the sales process with the buyer’s journey Lots of organizations talk about their sales process. Far fewer talk about the buyer’s journey. That’s the process the buyer goes through to obtain goods and services. If you want an effective sales process, it’s pretty important to understand what it is. One of my most frequent […]

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