Process Documentation

Thoughts on documentation. Number one being that process documentation is NOT the same as process mapping.

A video explaining the value and pitfalls of process mapping
So, you are looking to improve your process. Great! Process mapping will help you with that. Check our guide & watch the step-by-step video to get started.
Sketch of figure looking at piles of paper process maps scattered around floor of office
Organizations, large and small, need appropriate and up-to-date business process documentation. Without it, all sorts of problems crop up.
Sketch of man scratching head while asking question of a confused looking question mark
Knowing which process discovery questions to ask can ensure you get actionable and efficient answers.
A process diagram is a useful tool but this infographic shows you the seven things it won't tell you.
An sketch of a process diagram with an arrow pointing to things it does not show you

A process diagram is an essential part every process consultant's tool box but here are 7 problems that a process diagram will not show you.
toolbox marked process with various tools
Why do project management tools - even 'best of breed' ones like Basecamp, not work well for business process management?