People and Process

If you want to be successful with process, it pays to remember that processes are operated by humans. Those humans, fallible and idiosyncratic as we all are, may not all be 100% on board with a management decision to introduce new systems and processes.

Here you will find articles on ways to motivate and engage your team while you introduce new business processes and to maintain their interest and support for BPM concepts in the longterm. You will also find posts regarding the politics of change management.

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Process Improvement – People

  Process Improvement – People This video is the second in a series of three to look at what companies that are successful with process do differently from the rest of us. In this one we will look at the people side of process. Process is Personal Process is about people as much as it […]

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stop changing my process

Reducing Resistance to Improving Business Processes

By its very definition, improving business processes improvement asks people to change how they work with one another. Change is always threatening. When we implement changes to business processes we don’t want the vested parties to block or slow its adoption. So, how can we avoid or minimize resistance to the changes that come from […]

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Rapid Process Discovery

Is your process documentation a mess? Rapid Process Discovery Even large and sophisticated organizations struggle with their processes. And a big part of the problem is lack of business process documentation. It’s hard to create it, to keep it up to date and to get people to actually use it. But a lack of documentation […]

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A team of men bogged down in the mud

How to Really Improve Teamwork Processes

Improving Teamwork Presentation I use this short presentation to help people understand the connection between teamwork and process. In particular, how our interactions most often take the form of unstructured processes. Watch out for my favorite image – the elephant in the living room. Teamwork: How to Really Improve Teamwork Processes Let’s say you lead […]

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Omprove handoffs and workflow with productivity apps

Teamwork and Process Management

What is teamwork? Teamwork is about working together as a group toward a common goal. We all know it has a huge impact on success. Even small improvements can produce dramatically better outcomes. But how do you make those improvements? If you have ever looked at the research you will know that the conventional advice […]

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The Process Consultant

Unstructured Tasks : The Key To Accountability Is Visibility

Accountability is a key discipline in any well-run organization. You don’t need to administer it with a heavy hand for it to be effective. But it does need clarity of measurement, a bright line between done and not done. Usually there is some set of metrics that we look at, at regular intervals. We track […]

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