These are somewhat longer and more detailed downloadable documents aimed at helping you with your own process improvement efforts. They are in pdf format and require registration to access.

yEd101Part 4 Creating A Process Map

Thanks for watching! This video is part of a series on how to use yEd, a free process mapping software application. You are seeing this page because you signed up for the tutorials. If you don’t want to continue to receive the videos, just hit the unsubscribe link in the next email. If you got […]

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process mapping tutorial video

Process Mapping with yEd – Free Video Tutorial Course

yEd is a free and effective alternative to MS Visio. Visio is a great program for process mapping but it’s expensive and hard to learn.  If you want something that is just as good if not better than Visio, then you should be looking at yEd. You might not have heard of yEd. The company […]

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business handoff

Get the Hang of Better Business Handoffs…

…and never drop the baton again. So, here as promised last week, is an essential read for anyone who is planning on getting 2016 off to a flying start by reviewing and improving business handoffs.   And there is a bonus too! Together with the Guide you will receive a Handoff Agreement Worksheet with Guide Notes. These […]

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Preparing For Process Improvement

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