Process Mapping with yEd | Free + Effective alternative to Visio

The Process Library

yEd is a free and effective alternative to MS Visio.

You might not have heard of yEd. The company that makes it, yWorks, could do a better job of marketing it. Like all software, yEd has a few little quirks. However, you can work around most of these by resetting the defaults.

I use yEd in my process consulting work daily. My clients like it because of the features, not just the price.

yEd Process Mapping Video Tutorial Course

Probably because it is not widely known, there are no decent tutorials focused on using yEd specifically for process mapping. The guides and tutorials that I could fnid were pretty basic and not tuned for process mapping specifically.

So, I decided to create my own video tutorials. Initially, I intended to give them just to my clients. However, I get many requests for help in using yEd for process mapping and I decided to make them available to everyone.

While yEd is free, the video tutorials are not. However, it’s a very nominal fee, just $7.

Here is an outline of what I cover:

  • Downloading & Installing yEd
  • Basics of the user interface
  • Configuring yEd
  • Creating a process map from a photo of a whiteboard session
  • Adding decisions to a process map
  • Connecting things up
  • Auto-arrange
  • Finishing touches
  • Printing and exporting

I am also planning a series on more advanced topics like using yEd to create interactive process maps for an intranet. (So you can finally get rid of all those dusty ring binders with your process maps that nobody ever reads).

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