Omprove handoffs and workflow with productivity apps

Productivity Apps for Process Improvement : Trello, Asana and Podio

We all use email as a primary means of business communication. And we all know we do it to excess. The average manager receives 200 emails per day and spends 13 hours per week on email. Of those 200 less than an estimated 10% are relevant and useful. No, this is not another email rant. […]

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process bottleneck

7 Things a Process Diagram Does Not Show You

The traditional way to identify process improvement is to map the “as-is” state. Then you invite the users to point out on the map the problem areas. These then become the targets for improvement projects. Now, while this approach does certainly yield efficiencies, it doesn’t always capture all the potential opportunities. A process map does […]

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A process diagram that has a branches into many directs with a question mark in many activities

What are Unstructured Business Processes?

Process is how we get things done. A process is a set of tasks we perform to achieve a goal. But when you start to look closely at a lot of processes you start to see that they are not all the same. They belong in different categories. Some we do over and over with […]

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Book Titled Joy OF Process

Unstructured Process Management Books

Unstructured Process Management Books I have a bookcase with stuffed with standard BPM books. But all the books I have on for unstructured processes sit on a little pile on my desk. Here they are: Mastering the Unpredictable: Edited by Keith D Swenson The book is sub-titled: How Adaptive Case Management Will Revolutionize the Way […]

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Untangle your processes

Introduction to Unstructured Process

Fixing Unstructured Processes This is a brief introduction to unstructured process management. Forgive the vaguely promotional tone. I used this as part of an early marketing campaign. It does get the idea across in about a minute. (Be aware that this has a soundtrack!)

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