Creating Agile BPM

Written by Ian James, Sep 20, 2013

A comment on a piece by from Fujitsu concerning unstructured process and the Interstage Business Process Manager software application.

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Creating Agile BPM

By: Fujitsu Interstage Business Process Manager

I came across this piece from Fujitsu. It has been published a while but is still very relevant. Agile is a confusing and not widley used term. When you read it, you will see that they mean unstructured process management.

“Organizations today need to drive growth while optimizing costs, improving efficiency, and achieving greater business agility. Agile BPM from Fujitsu helps best-in-class organizations achieve business results by addressing requirements for continuous process optimization, collaborative process workflows to support team-based initiatives, and by extending business processes beyond the enterprise to other business stakeholders.”

You can download it here.

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