Business Software for Process Management

Unstructured Process Management Software (SMB)


You have to be careful not to be drawn into group “to do” lists or to confuse unstructured process management with project management. So, there are really few good products for this space. Here is my shortlist, although they all have drawbacks.





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 Unstructured Process Management Software (Enterprise)

While BPM vendors are starting to recognize the issue of unstructured process management there are few enterprise sized offerings. There is really only for large on the bandwagon. It is not always clear how far they actually go towards helping unstructured process management. Here is a quick round-up of the few that are worth taking a look at.

Fujitsu Interstage

Fujitsu’s business software for process management is a little different from the rest of the offerings in the BPM market place. First, they have an Automated Process Discovery ADP tool. This tracks actual processes and then displays them visually. So, at least in theory, you can avoid the dreaded process mapping sessions.

They have some pretty good white papers that at least consider unstructured processes as part of the mix we have to deal with.

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