Business Process Thought Leaders: Jim Sinur

Headshot of Jim Sinur
There are very few commentators who specialize or even mention unstructured processes. One notable exception is Jim Sinur. He has some some interesting things to say on the subject. Here is a snippet from his official bio at Gartner.

Jim Sinur

Jim is a VP of research at Gartner. Gartner has this to say about him:

Jim Sinur is a thought leader in applying business process management (BPM) to innovative and intelligent business operations (IBO). His research and areas of personal experience focus on business process innovation, business modeling, business process management technology (BPMT), processes collaboration for knowledge workers, process intelligence/optimization, business policy/rule management (BRMS), and leveraging business applications in processes.

Here is my favorite quote from him:

“The challenge for businesses is to learn how to deal with unstructured processes… [This] has the potential for a huge cost saving for any business, as knowledge workers are generally the most expensive labor organizations have on the payroll.”

  • There is a pretty extensive profile of him here.
  • He also has a blog here. Be warned it, does cover a lot of standard BMP stuff. And for some reason, he includes his artwork. So now you know.


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