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Written by Ian James, Jun 13, 2016

Your process management questions may already have been answered by The Process Consulatant. Look here. If not... then send in your question.

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Regular visitors to the site will know that I like receiving questions. Where possible and time permitting, I’ll create new content to answer business process management questions but sometimes, the answer is already on the site. Read on for a few recent questions on topics that has been covered in the past.

The Hungry Email Monster

We seem to be drowning in email. In fact, we are spending more time opening and answering email than we are driving the project in hand. Help!

Yes, it’s true, email has a nasty habit of proliferating to fit all the time you are willing to give it. As a communication tool, email does a fine job but as a workflow tool it really, really sucks.

There are productivity apps available online that can help you grab back control and the following post talks about three of them:

Productivity Apps for Process Improvement: Trello, Asana and Podio


In the last few years a number of new applications have appeared to tackle this issue. Among them are Trello, Asana and Podio. This is not an exhaustive list but based on number of users, they are the leaders in this space.

Click here to find out how to grab control back from that hungry email monster.

The Goldilocks Principle for Process Maps

No matter how much effort we put in to creating a process map as a team, we seem to end up more confused than ever. What might we be doing wrong?

process management questions: how complicated should a process map be?

In your case, it’s almost certain that the map being created is waaaay too detailed. An overly complicated process map will be cluttered and confusing and instead of bringing clarity, it will have everyone chasing their tails. An overly simple map will not contain enough information to be actionable and effective. That’s why you, like Goldilocks, need to find that sweet spot where the amount of detail on your process map is just right.

Click here to find out how detailed your process map needs to be.

Getting Better, Faster

We’ve seen first hand how implementing process improvements can benefit teamwork and communication but we’d like to get more efficient at BPI. Is there anything we can do to get better, faster?

Actually, yes there is. And there is even a name for the process of speeding up your process improvement projects. Its called improving process cycle time and you can find a video and transcript all about it right here:

improve process cycle time

Please keep your process management questions coming right here. I look forward to hearing from you.

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