Process Improvement

Understanding the principles of business process improvement (BPI) is one thing, but putting those principles into practice is even better.

This is the fun part where business process improvements that help people communicate and cooperate more effectively are initiated and we can finally remove some of the office angst we all know so well. This section touches on Kaizen and Lean but there is not much on Six Sigma except to say how difficult (OK, impossible) it is to apply to information based processes.

Continuous process improvement

How To Make Continuous Process Improvement Continuous

  Some organizations invest a lot of time and effort in process improvement initiatives. When they are successful, these efforts reap the rewards of lower cost, improved quality and increased employee engagement. Of course, we want to make this kind of progress all the time.  Sadly, continuous process improvement is achieved in a small minority […]

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featured process improvement people

Process Improvement – People

  Process Improvement – People This video is the second in a series of three to look at what companies that are successful with process do differently from the rest of us. In this one we will look at the people side of process. Process is Personal Process is about people as much as it […]

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featured setting up process improvement

Planning Process Improvement Steps for Success

  Most Process Improvement Initiatives Fail… Less than half of all process improvement initiatives are successful. And when they fail not only is it a big waste of time, it also makes people wary and cynical about process in general. And that makes it even harder the next time you try process improvement.  But there […]

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featured process improvement visibility

Process Improvement – Visibility

  Improving Business Process Visibility Every business leader knows that process is important to the success of their organization. Without efficient processes, we make mistakes, lose customers and incur avoidable costs. Even worse, we can expose ourselves to unnecessary risk if we fail to comply with regulations. Overall, poor processes are, at best, a recipe […]

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American Kaizen Process Improvement

If you research process improvement methods you will come across Kaizen. Sounds like a Japanese word and it is. But it was the US that developed the ideas that underpin Kaizen. During the Second World War, in order to make the most of limited national resources, the US created the Training Within Industry (TWI) group. […]

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featured improve process cycle time

Improve Process Cycle Time

  How to identify where you can improve process cycle time In process jargon when you are seeking ways to make things faster, you are looking to ‘improve process cycle time’. The cycle time for a process is the time it takes to run through one whole instance. This video outlines the key questions you […]

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