Business Processs Improvement

How to use business process improvement principles to improve communication, team cooperation and efficiency and streamline business operations.

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Successfully handling a business process handoff challenge can go a long way to improving department efficiency and success.
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When the sales process is not flowing smoothly as expected, consult with the sales team. They will have the best insight into where the roadblocks are.
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Here is a story on how I improved my sales processes and, chances are, you can too. Don't miss this crucial step in the sales funnel. 
As Benjamin Franklin might have said, failing to prepare for a process improvement initiative is preparing to fail.
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This video is the last in a series of three to look at what companies that are successful with process do differently from the rest of us. In this one, we will look at the requirement to build flexibility into process management.
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Continuous Process Improvement depends on whether BPM is seen as a quick fix or an ongoing discipline
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This is the second video that looking at what those companies are doing that are successful with process improvement
Whiteboard video explaining why less than half of all process improvement initiatives are successful.
Planning process improvement will greatly increase your chances of success. Here are the steps to follow.
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Improving business process visibility is the first step to a more efficient workflow and a more effective team.
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Kaizen process improvement is actually based on process methodology from the US.
Simple whiteboard video with stick figures explaining the concept of cycle time at a beginner level.
The best way to improve process cycle time is to ask the right questions to pinpoint areas for improvement.
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Why do project management tools - even 'best of breed' ones like Basecamp, not work well for business process management?