Process Improvement

Understanding the principles of business process improvement (BPI) is one thing, but putting those principles into practice is even better.

This is the fun part where business process improvements that help people communicate and cooperate more effectively are initiated and we can finally remove some of the office angst we all know so well. This section touches on Kaizen and Lean but there is not much on Six Sigma except to say how difficult (OK, impossible) it is to apply to information based processes.

process improvement handoffs

Process Improvement Handoffs

  Imagine for a moment that you are part of a breathless crowd watching an Olympic relay race. It’s close, but your national team – the home team – is competitive for gold. With tensions high, the crowd chants … and then the baton drops. That’s it. The entire stadium groans in unison as their […]

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Business process management questions answered

Regular visitors to the site will know that I like receiving questions. Where possible and time permitting, I’ll create new content to answer business process management questions but sometimes, the answer is already on the site. Read on for a few recent questions on topics that has been covered in the past. [Tweet “Process management […]

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Six Sigma weakness

Six Sigma is not the answer

[Tweet “Six Sigma is not the answer to all business process problems.”]   I recently did a one-day process audit for a client. This is where I take a high level survey of the current health of their business processes. Usually the client already knows they have a problem perhaps because they have noticed one […]

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5 Warning Signs You Need To Improve Your Business Processes

5 Warning Signs You Need To Improve Your Business Processes

It’s usually pretty obvious when you have a crisis with your processes. You lose a customer. You take a big loss. Things are frustratingly slow. You are always firefighting. People aren’t happy. But things don’t get like that overnight. What usually happens is that there is a gradual deterioration. Or perhaps things were never that […]

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How detailed should a process map be?

One of the things that crops up pretty early when you’re creating a process map is the question of how much detail you need to go into. If you keep to the high level stuff only, you won’t provide enough detail for anybody following the process to know what to do. If you go the […]

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B2B Sales process

Sales Team Insight into Sales Process Roadblocks

Early on in my consulting practice I would take almost any job. Back then, if the Sheriff of Nottingham had asked me to improve tax collection processes in Sherwood Forest, I would have been tempted. So the first time a client asked me to look at a sales process, I did not hesitate. Now, of […]

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Sales process steps

How to improve your B2B sales processes

Even process consultants make mistakes.  Here’s  a story about how I messed up my own sales process. Don’t worry it has a happy ending. When I started out on my own, I knew I needed a website. In fact, it was right there at the beginning of my process diagram. What? Doesn’t everyone map out […]

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handoff challenges

Business Process Handoff Challenges

Imagine for a moment that you are part of a breathless crowd watching an Olympic relay race. It’s close but your national team – the home team – is in for a very good chance at gold. Tensions are high, the crowd are chanting … and then the baton drops. That’s it. The entire stadium […]

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Infographic: Process Improvement Preparations

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Nowhere is that more true than the run up to a process improvement initiative. This infographic puts all the key things you need to remember about preparing for process improvement into one long graphic or if you prefer, download the expanded […]

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Flexible process improvement

Business Process Improvement Flexibility

  This video is the last in a series of three to look at what companies that are successful with process do differently from the rest of us. In this one, we will look at the requirement to build flexibility into process management. Process is a moving target It would be nice if we had […]

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