Rapid Process Discovery

Is your process documentation a mess?

Even large and sophisticated organizations struggle with their processes. And a big part of the problem is lack of business process documentation. It’s hard to create it, to keep it up to date and to get people to actually use it. But a lack of documentation gives you all sorts of headaches.

How can you improve a process without defining it as it stands now. Without a map of where you are, how can you plot a course to where you want to go?

It’s much harder to train people. You need a process to show them their responsibilities and how their work fits into everyone else’s. If you have no formal processed-based way to train new hires, it delays the time it takes before they are making a positive contribution.

Lack of documentation

If you don’t define your processes, you don’t know what people are doing. And if only one employee knows how something is done, there is a process “black hole”. You know you have one when you dread when they go on vacation and you worry about what would happen if they left for good.

But What If…..

But what if you could map out all of your processes so that there was no ambiguity about what people are required to do?

What if your process maps were online?

What if they were interactive? So people could click on an activity box on a map and pull up all the associated forms and documents relevant to that activity. That way your team could have a single, authoritative source for process information. Complete with an intuitive way of searching for things.

What if you had trained employees who knew how to capture existing processes, map them and then keep them up to date?


If your processes are non-standard and inefficient and add avoidable costs to your organization…

If you find things going wrong all the time upsetting customers and employees alike…

And if getting even routine things done, simply takes too long.

You need Rapid Process Discovery

Rapid Process Discovery is a way to capture existing processes into an interactive web-based Process Library. Not only that, but it comes with the training you need to make the process of mapping process sustainable.

A Rapid Process Discovery event gives you:

  • A detailed and interactive set of process maps for a single pilot process.
  • All the relevant documentation for that process in one secure, searchable location.
  • A web based Process Library that you can build on, for all your future process documentation.
  • Training for key process employees that allows them to document and maintain processes.
  • And finally, templates for Policies, Checklists, and more, to give your team standardized document formats.

Rapid Process Discovery

Rapid Process Discovery is more than just a consulting engagement. More than just a single mapped process. It gives you the tools and training you need to keep process documentation alive and well long after the initial effort.

Now you’ll finally have a basis for standardization, accountability, training and improvement.

If this sounds like something you want to explore further, start with a conversation with me, Ian James, by clicking on the link on this page or at the end of the video.