Fast Track Process Improvement

Want to improve the efficiency of your office processes?

Let’s say you know process efficiency is crucial to success, and that yours are holding you back. The problem is finding a sustainable way to fix them.

Even if they start off beautifully designed and highly effective, business processes naturally degrade over time, causing delays and errors. And that affects cost, quality and customer satisfaction.

You might even have tried experimenting with process improvement but the chances are that after an initial burst of enthusiasm, it lost steam and the gains started to tail off.

 And what does that mean?

  •  Processes remain frustratingly slow resulting in missed deadlines and unhappy customers.
  • There is no resolution of process conflicts leading to a silo mentality and low morale.

  • Employees become jaded about business process improvement making it even hard to make progress.

But what if…

But what if you could give people a means to fix their processes on their own. What if they regularly identified where the issues were and prioritized the efforts to improve them. What if they had a robust problem solving method that they felt comfortable with?  And that helped them make continuous and incremental process improvements?

And what if all that was embedded into your organization and didn’t end up as a flavor-of-the-month management fad?


If your processes are slow and there is no effective means to address them

And if your organization is suffering from the effects of serious process errors and you have to find a way to fix things.

If people are looking to you to lead them out of the process mess, but you just don’t have an answer yet

Then you need Fast Track Business Process Improvement

Fast Track Process Improvement is a powerful but simple process improvement method that gives your team the ability to identify, measure, prioritize and problem-solve process issues.

It provides a means of reviewing on a regular basis to learn from experience and make changes where necessary.

And it’s a continuous process improvement method that is actually continuous, and not a flavor-of-the-month management fad.

A Fast Track Process Improvement Engagement gives you

A completed Fast Track Process Improvement Event for a selected pilot process

  • A method of measuring a process at it’s many stages to see where to optimize the return on improvement efforts.
  • Process Improvement training for internal facilitators to enable sustainable process improvement
  • Access to regular mentoring for process improvement facilitators for 1 year.
  • Follow up process improvement audits on pilot and subsequent process efforts.

Fast Track process Improvement What You Get

If this sounds like something you want to explore further, start with a conversation with me,  Ian James,  about how Fast Track Process Improvement might work for you.