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You lead a team. They might be your executive team, a department. It could even be the whole business. You need to get people working together better. You want to get things done faster. And getting things done is achieved through process. You have come to the conclusion that you need to tackle your processes.  But what’s next? How do you go about repairing them?

How I can help

I have helped companies and non-profits with their processes for many years. Despite huge differences in size and industry, ultimately all of them progress through the same stages.  First they lay a solid foundation by documenting their processes. Then, for their routine processes, they introduce a some kind of continuous improvement method. Finally, they are ready to take on the challenge of improving their non-routine, unstructured process management. I can help with all three stages.

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Business Process Documentation

Rapid Process Discovery is a means to capture existing processes and all the relevant documents for a process into an interactive web-based Process Library.

What is different about Rapid Process Discovery?

Process documentation efforts focus on mapping the process. But that overlooks the associated documentation and how people find it. The interactive Process Library, a key component of Rapid Process Discovery brings it all together in one single searchable source.

Fast Track Process Improvement

Fast Track Process Improvement

For Process Improvement –  Fast Track Process Improvement is a powerful but simple process improvement method that gives your team the ability to identify, measure, prioritize and problem-solve process issues.

What is different about Fast Track Process Improvement?

Process improvement efforts often start well then fade away. Fast Track Process Improvement overcomes the flavor of the month syndrome by embedding itself in the working practices of your team.

Flexible Process Management

For Unstructured Processes – Flexible Process Management (FPM) – A set of best practices for handling messy and unpredictable processes. Use FPM when your team does creative and valuable work that cannot be reduced to a routine process.

What is different about Fast Track Process Improvement?

BPM focusses on routine structured processes. That totally ignores the reality of many peoples daily work. FPM has been designed from scratch to take on this problem. As such, it is the only business process management method to focus exclusively on unstructured processes.

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I love to show teams how to master their processes. Teams that do are more innovative and more profitable. Work becomes fun again. These methods are not hard or costly to learn. It just takes a bit of insight and some training. Ian James

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