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From business process management principles to business process in action, find articles  and short videos on BPM, improving cycle time, different methodologies, process mapping and business process documentation.

Confused business people

How to Choose a Process Consultant

Every business leader knows that process is the key to keeping costs down, pleasing customers and staying within the boundaries of regulation. But fixing broken processes or staying on top of them in a rapidly changing world requires fairly specialized skills. So it is not surprising that many organizations turn to outside consultants. But how […]

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process mapping pitfalls

Process Mapping Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

The Pitfalls Of Process Mapping And How To Avoid Them Mapping is a crucial part of process improvement efforts. It looks easy but there are some pitfalls. In this video we look at what they are and how to avoid them. The most common process mapping error people make is diving into improving the process […]

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A process diagram that has a branches into many directs with a question mark in many activities

What are Unstructured Business Processes?

Process is how we get things done. A process is a set of tasks we perform to achieve a goal. But when you start to look closely at a lot of processes you start to see that they are not all the same. They belong in different categories. Some we do over and over with […]

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Detail Of yEd Process Diagram

yEd – A Decent Free Process Mapping Tool

yEd – A Decent Free Process Mapping Tool   There are numerous graphical programs you can use for process mapping.  I am often asked to give recommendations. In particular, I am asked is there one that is a cheap, or even better, free alternative to Microsoft Visio? For the longest time, I could not in […]

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Book Titled Joy OF Process

Unstructured Process Management Books

Unstructured Process Management Books I have a bookcase with stuffed with standard BPM books. But all the books I have on for unstructured processes sit on a little pile on my desk. Here they are: Mastering the Unpredictable: Edited by Keith D Swenson The book is sub-titled: How Adaptive Case Management Will Revolutionize the Way […]

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Untangle your processes

Introduction to Unstructured Process

Fixing Unstructured Processes This is a brief introduction to unstructured process management. Forgive the vaguely promotional tone. I used this as part of an early marketing campaign. It does get the idea across in about a minute. (Be aware that this has a soundtrack!)

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Headshot of Jim Sinur

Business Process Thought Leaders: Jim Sinur

There are very few commentators who specialize or even mention unstructured processes. One notable exception is Jim Sinur. He has some some interesting things to say on the subject. Here is a snippet from his official bio at Gartner. Jim Sinur Jim is a VP of research at Gartner. Gartner has this to say about […]

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Creating Agile BPM

Creating Agile BPM By: Fujitsu Interstage Business Process Manager I came across this piece from Fujitsu. It has been published a while but is still very relevant. Agile is a confusing and not widley used term. When you read it, you will see that they mean unstructured process management. “Organizations today need to drive growth […]

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The Process Consultant

6 Things You Must Know Before You Buy BPM Software

Business Process Management software is expensive. Implementing it can be lengthy and disruptive . Before you buy, it’s wise to make sure that the processes you plan to automate can truly benefit from this software. This white paper examines some observations from noted business analysts. Among them: When to use BPM software and when not […]

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stop changing my process

Reducing Resistance to Improving Business Processes

By its very definition, improving business processes improvement asks people to change how they work with one another. Change is always threatening. When we implement changes to business processes we don’t want the vested parties to block or slow its adoption. So, how can we avoid or minimize resistance to the changes that come from […]

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