Hi, I am Ian James

I help executives improve

their bottom lines by getting

rid of wasteful activities,

improving communication

and teamwork in their key

business processes.

What I Do For You

Business Process Consulting

The #1 way I help businesses fix their processes is through an on-site consulting engagement. I work with your team to quickly discover, document and improve your processes.

Think of this as keyhole surgery. I’m not trying to learn everything there is to know about your business. I’m on-site to solve a specific set of problems and leverage what your team already knows to remove bottlenecks, reduce errors, resolve conflicts, and leave you with streamlined, documented, and significantly improved processes.

Learn more about my consulting process or if you’d prefer to get on the phone with me right now, call 412 945 0102 or drop me a line via my contact page.

Business Process Training

Not every business is a good fit for my consulting... in fact, most aren’t. This is why I’ve worked hard to create the most appropriate resources and training on process improvement available online. If you simply want self-paced learning how to improve your own processes, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn more about the process documentation toolkit.

Process Documentation Software

Technology has brought new possibilities to documentation, and I’ve spent the last few years working with developers to create an app that turns those possibilities into reality. My app is now a standard part of my consulting process and allows a whole new level of documentation that will completely revolutionize how you train and onboard new hires.

Learn more about the The Process Library.

How I work with your team

When it comes to process projects and working in small teams, success depends on getting a few things exactly right. Here they are:

Small Groups Work Best

Process is about how we work together. It's no different for process projects. A team can have too few or too many people. Usually, the right number is between 6 and 10.

Users Not Managers

The people who know the process are the people who use it. They also know what is wrong with it. And often have terrific ideas on how to fix it. Managers may think they know, but to get to the heart of things, you need the users in the room.

Participation, Participation, Participation

Of course, not everybody is ready to chip in. You have the skeptics, the shy and, sadly, the indifferent. It's my job to energize everyone in the team. It's what I am good at and it's the best part of my job.

No Process Dogma

I do not come with a ready-made, one-size-fits-all solution. What I do have is a tool kit of battle-proven process techniques. Over the 10 years I have been doing this, I have seen them all. So, let's use the ones that best suit your situation.

No Process Jargon

I know some people like to use acronyms, terms like Kaizen, Six Sigma and, my personal favorite, poka-yoke. It sounds cool. But it can be really off-putting to team members. I avoid it. Typically, if I am going to map a process, I call it, um... mapping a process.

A Focus On Results

Results count. There is nothing like having a consultant come in and run a few process sessions. Then it's over and what have you got? Well, here's how I make sure you don't waste your money:

Straight Down To Business

Some consultants tell you they need to understand your business. Then they charge you while they do that. I am pretty sure that you and your team already know your business. My job is to drive your team to a result. Of course, I do my homework so I can start with a bang. But the kick-off meeting happens on Day One.

Short Cycles For Fast Results

You don't want a consultant to make a career out of your business. I know how to get a ton done in a short time. That gives you an opportunity for a low-risk test. If you like it, then that's great and we can rinse and repeat.

Tangible Results

When I walk away, you will have something to remember me by other than my invoice. Here are some of the things I can give you, depending on the project:

  • A set of editable process maps.
  • Online support for future process mapping and editing.
  • A set of planned, prioritized process improvement projects.
  • An online process library. (Ask me for a demo)
  • Recommendations for better software apps to support your processes.
  • A fired up team, ready to go.
  • Ongoing support and mentoring for an agreed period.

Who Is The Process Consultant?

I am an independent process consultant based in Pittsburgh, PA. I work with businesses and other organizations in North America and the EU. I have been doing so for over a decade. Before that, I held a number of senior executive positions in blue-chip companies and also founded two successful start-ups.

Where I learned to untangle processes

  • As a graduate student at Cranfield University in the UK.
  • As an internal consultant to GE
  • As a line manager for GE appliances
  • As a CEO of my own business
  • As a consultant to my clients

I believe process is the key to success in any team. I’ve looked for ways to improve it at every job I’ve had.

Got a process issue in mind?

If you are thinking about getting some outside help, let's talk it over and find out if my expertise is a good fit. There is no hard sell. Either I can help you or I can’t and it is pretty easy to tell. If I am not the right person, I can usually suggest someone who might be.

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