Where I learned about process:

  • As a graduate student at Cranfield University in the UK.
  • As an internal consultant to GE
  • As a line manager for GE appliances
  • As a CEO of my own business
  • As a consultant to my clients

I believe process is the key to success in any team. I looked for ways to improve it every job I had.

Why I do it.

It’s important. Too many people struggle with poor processes. I have been one of them. It makes work miserable. You see it wherever you go. It is in law firms, hotels, hospitals and schools. Everywhere. It makes you dull. It wastes a lot of expensive time. There are better ways of working together.

I want to do what I can to change that.

I love to show teams how to master their processes. Teams that do are more innovative and more profitable. Work becomes fun again. These methods are not hard or costly to learn. It just takes a bit of insight and some training.

How I work with you

As a process consultant, I need to be onsite to be any use to you. I typically do an assessment before anything else. I do a lot of work with your team members on a one to one basis.

Think of this as keyhole surgery. I keep group meetings to the minimum. I do a few classes but I don’t do any tedious process plotting.

It is all about people. I ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening. It is the only way for me to know how to help you. That is how I get results you are looking for.

Can I help you?

You want to fix your processes. You need to improve productivity in your teams.

That is what I do. But I can’t help you until we talk about your particular needs.

There is the usual contact form here. But the best way to start the ball rolling is to call me. Don’t worry, it is just me. I don’t have enough resources to hound you if I have your number.

You can get me on (412) 945-0102.

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