I help businesses untangle their processes

  • Reducing Costly Errors and Delays

  • Stopping Things Falling Through The Cracks

  • Putting You Back In Control Of Your Business

  • Improving Teamwork and Communication

  • Stopping Finger-pointing And Ambiguity

Hi. I am Ian James, The Process Consultant. I help small to mid-size organizations bring order to messy and inefficient business processes. I do it with a no-nonsense, jargon-free approach that makes it easy for your team to handle the changes to their working practices. .

The result is an improvement in their teamwork and your bottom line.

Here's How:

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No process documentation? Scattered, incomplete, out of date, widely ignored process documentation? I get the process out of people's heads and into a process map, the single most powerful tool to help you gain control of your processes.

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Rapid Process Discovery

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Getting a process up on your conference room wall is great. But now you need a means to publish it. Word documents in binders don't cut it. I set you up with your own secure, one-place-to-go, purpose built web application.

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The Process Library

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Only once the current processes are mapped can we start to improve them. I guide your team to solve their own problems using an effective no BS jargon free methodology. If you let them implement their ideas you minimize the inevitable pushback.

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Fast Track Process Improvement

Why me?

I’ve been knee-deep in process for over 20 years. I cut my process teeth working for GE, spent time in the manufacturing and IT fields, and then started two successful businesses... all before even thinking about consulting.

Along the way, I discovered that prevailing process theory, which was developed for manufacturing environments, wasn’t entirely applicable to an office environment. After troubleshooting this disconnect for 15 years in industry, I’ve spent the last few years using what I learned to help office-based businesses untangle, document, and optimize their processes.

What Do You Need?

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“I want my processes to be invented/improved/documented. I don’t have the expertise in-house. I want someone to come in and get us started and maybe even train some of my people to do it for themselves”.

Video Training

"There is no way we are going to hire a consultant. I want to develop a process documentation capability in-house even if I have to do it myself."

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Process Documentation Software

“I want a better way to handle our process documentation. I want a common format across the organization. I want it all in one place. I want to be accessible and easy to search.

Process Education

"I am not sure I even know enough about process to ask the right questions. I want to learn from explainer videos and blog articles, as used by universities and blue chip companies for internal training like Boeing, HSBC, the Canadian Government etc."

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Got a process issue in mind?

If you are thinking about getting some outside help, let's talk it over and find out if my expertise is a good fit. There is no hard sell. Either I can help you or I can’t and it is pretty easy to tell. If I am not the right person, I can usually suggest someone who might be.

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