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Omprove handoffs and workflow with productivity apps

Improving Process Handoffs

Imagine for a moment that you are part of a breathless crowd watching an Olympic relay race. It’s close but your national team – the home team – is in for a very good chance at gold. Tensions are high, the crowd are chanting … and then the baton drops.

In business transferring the responsibility of a particular task from one person to another is called a handoff. Doing it successfully may not win your team a gold medal but it is a key skill in maintaining the efficiency and success of any department. Unfortunately, handoffs can sometimes present challenges that would make even Olympic athletes break out in a cold sweat. And that's what we will look at here. Business process handoffs and how to improve them.

5 Warning Signs You Need To Improve Your Business Processes

It’s usually pretty obvious when you have a crisis with your processes. You lose a customer. You take a big loss. Things are frustratingly slow. You are always firefighting. People aren’t happy. But things don’t get like that overnight. What usually happens is that there is a gradual deterioration. Or perhaps things were never that […]

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Get the Hang of Better Business Handoffs…

…and never drop the baton again. So, here as promised last week, is an essential read for anyone who is planning on getting 2016 off to a flying start by reviewing and improving business handoffs.   And there is a bonus too! Together with the Guide you will receive a Handoff Agreement Worksheet with Guide Notes. These […]

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7 Things a Process Diagram Does Not Show You

The traditional way to identify process improvement is to map the “as-is” state. Then you invite the users to point out on the map the problem areas. These then become the targets for improvement projects. Now, while this approach does certainly yield efficiencies, it doesn’t always capture all the potential opportunities. A process map does […]

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